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Privatization of Healthcare in Georgia, November 2022

​This study discusses the negative effects of neoliberal reforms, or "shock therapy," on the post-Soviet space. It argues that these reforms, based on the "Washington Consensus," have not lived up to expectations, resulting in economic stagnation and increased civil strife.

The main problems with the reform were that it was not well-planned or well-executed and that it did not take into account the country’s specific context. The reform was rushed, and there was no clear strategy for how to move from the old system to the new one.

You can download our study in English and Georgian below!

Download our study in English

Download • 1.41MB

Download our study in Georgian, გადმოტვირთეთ ჩვენი კვლევის ქართული ვერსია

Download • 1.85MB

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