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The Value of the Institute for a Fair Economy (IFE)
სამართლიანი ეკონომიკის ინსტიტუტი

Institute for a fair future
ინსტიტუტი სამართლიანი მომავალისთვის 

The Institute for a Fair Economy (IFE) is a think tank that focuses on economic inequality and how it affects society. The organization was founded in 2020 and is based in Tbilisi.
The IFE has a number of programs and initiatives, including the publication of reports and articles, conducting research, and consulting.
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The Institute for a Fair Economy (IFE) is an organization that uses research, education, and advocacy to promote a more equitable and sustainable economy. Since its founding in 2020, IFE has worked to expose and address the root causes of economic inequality.

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